About IQWhois
IQWhois is a reverse whois domain name ownership database. We offer 300+ million active domain name whois records and 4 billion historic domain name whois records that are updated regularly. Archived data is available on many domain names and grows each quarter. The data can be used to research individual domains and owners or entire portfolios of domain names.
IQWhois is an exceptionally useful tool for tracking connections between domain names, cross referencing ownership details, and brand monitoring. Need more details? Order a custom report or contact us about custom enterprise level needs.
IQWhois sits on the a large whois database with billions of whois records and updated constantly.
We offer full downloadable access. WHOIS Database download.
IQWhois is happy to assist members of the media with research for your stories. Contact us for assistance in finding interesting information or in generating a custom report.
The data on IQWhois is not live, it is updated quarterly. IQWhois should be considered a general interest/research tool that is based on whois data. Not all domain extensions are included and not all included extensions are completely indexed.
Contact Us
Contact us: [email protected] or use contact us form.
Please note that we do not remove records from either the live or historical archives.

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