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13.7 billion
WHOIS Records
731 million
Active domain names
WHOIS History lets you access more than 5 billion domain history records that give you a glimpse into a domain’s past ownership details and record updates.

Why use WHOIS History?


Our comprehensive WHOIS history database contains years of WHOIS records collected, parsed, and structured for consistency and accuracy. See registrant contact information before redaction.
Exhaustive and precise
Our WHOIS history database covers over 2000 top-level domains (TLDs).
Readily integrable
There’s no need to allocate additional hours to process and parse domain history data points. Our WHOIS history database comes in the user-friendly comma-separated values (CSV) format.

What you can get from WHOIS History

Exhaustive domain research data

Domain name investment is a serious and lucrative endeavor that requires patience and a lot of research. You need to know if the domain names you're interested in offer value that you can determine based on their WHOIS history.

Additional data points for cybersecurity investigations

The more data cybercrime investigators can obtain, the better their chances of success. Domain history records can provide valuable insights to help identify the perpetrators of cybercrime.

Bolster third-party vendor risk assessment solutions

WHOIS History allows vendor assessment products to consider the domain history when giving out reputation scores. Even past associations with malicious actors and activities can pose cyber risks to enterprises, and they must be warned as such.

More comprehensive competitor research

It’s not enough to know what the competition is currently up to. You can also learn from competitors’ past. Uncovering a domain’s WHOIS history can clue you into effective business strategies that you may be missing out on.

Start benefiting from WHOIS History today

Domain history information gives you more insights on any domain name’s past associations for better cybersecurity and marketing results. Leave us a message today for more information.

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