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Newly-registered domains feeds let you keep track of 190,000 new and 230,000 expired domain name registrations every day. Files come in a format that is compatible with most systems and solutions for easy integration.

Why Use Our Newly Registered Domains Database?


For each newly-registered or recently-expired domain, our database provides all regular WHOIS data points including registrant and registrar details and dates of interest.
You do not need to be a tech expert to use our newly registered domains database. Our daily feeds are formatted in .csv that you can open and analyze using any spreadsheet application. It’s also compatible with most common database applications.

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The best reports can only come from exhaustive research using accurate information. We provide 80,000 additions to our domain database daily so you can get relevant and timely information for your business requirements.

Practical uses

Competitor Monitoring

Keeping up with rivals is possible with the help of a newly-registered domains database. Your competitors may be planning to launch new products or services in the near future. A peek at the domains they have recently acquired can give you hints on their next moves.

Market Research

Looking at NRD trends helps market researchers determine where their industries are headed. NRDs can tell them what industry leaders are up to so they can follow suit.


NRDs can frequently be used to host malicious websites and distribute malware files. Avoiding such online properties via web filtering is a must. But that’s not possible in a comprehensive manner without access to domain intelligence sources such as a newly-registered domains database.

Brand Protection

Brand protection requires companies to track potential typosquatters who may be misrepresenting or abusing their brands. Access to a newly-registered domains database can help them keep an eye out on every new lookalike domain that may be infringing on their trademark rights.

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Tracking newly-registered and recently-expired domain names can give a fresh perspective to your business operations. If you are not sure yet or have any questions, just contact us filling in the form below.

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