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Complete Guide to Whois Database Information

During the 21st century, the amount of domain names that have been registered each year is equal to the amount of babies born each year. While we do have a system to register every human being on the planet, many lack the knowledge of a system of all registered domain names. To get the information about a domain name and other information, we can use the Whois database.

What is the Whois Database?

Whois has an extensive database of every single domain registered. It's not a single organization but it is made up of many institutions known as "registrars" and "registries". The Whois database is connected with ICANN which provides information on a regular basis on domain information. This means the Whois database is constantly updated.

History of Whois

The Whois database is almost as old as the internet. At the first, ARPANET was responsible for all the information which passed through it, from the contact information of domain owners to the activity of the domain. Later when it was expanded, Whois protocol was initiated in 1982 by the Internet Engineering Task Force, or IETF. Whois was used for information on domains, for law enforcement, intellectual property, and trademarks. Later in 1998, ICANN established the Whois protocol within their system and the database was created.

How to use Whois Database

Whois database can be used for many things like:
  • To find out whether any particular domain was registered or not
  • To find the source of any cyber attack
  • To get the information about the domain owner
  • To find information on any websites real-world contact
  • To report and connect with website authorities
  • To collect leads of any incident which include law enforcement and legal matters

The user just has to enter the domain name in Whois Lookup and one can find all the information related to the domain.

How Whois Database collect the information?

Whois database would get the information of a registrant when they first register a domain. They send an annual reminder to the domain owner to update the information. It will maintain the accuracy of the domain until its expiration.

If any registrant entered the wrong information in the Whois database, doesn’t update the information, or fails to rely on any queries sent by Whois, the domain name would be suspended or canceled. The registrant must enter the accurate details and updates if there have been any changes.

Future of Whois database

The Whois database is always updating with new information. ICANN began the process to reinvent Whois in 2012. There are two parts they introduced into the new Whois database.

  • The database will be used for educational purposes. To ensure the accuracy of the current information, they have developed the Accuracy Reporting System. This will identify and send the incorrect information found in the Whois database to the registrars to follow up and update it.
  • The previous Whois database model is giving the public anonymous access which is often gTLD registration data. This can sometimes be inaccurate and will be stopped. Basic Whois data is available to the general public but for the extensive data, the user must request the information and provide their identity first.

Whois database is useful and helpful to everyone and they have maintained the reputation of providing accurate information of every single domain, and you can find the latest information using a Whois information lookup tool. It's up to the people who register the domains to keep updating their information so the internet will be a place that is clean, organized, and safe.

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