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How Whois Provides Necessary Security
in the Online World

Online security is a major concern today as we have over billions of websites floating around the internet. Each and every website has their own significant content and task, but not all of them are good Samaritans. Many have faced deep security penetration when someone gets an email from the CEO of XYZ website and have misunderstood it as genuine. These threats can be diverted with the help of the Whois Domain lookup tool.

What is Whois?

Whois is the answer to your question of who is responsible for a certain domain. It’s a domain directory, or a data base that provides information of any particular domain. It’s a public directory so anyone can look up any domain name if they have problems or concerns.

How does Whois work?

Whois will help you find the relevant information about the domain you are looking for. It is very simple and easy to use. The user will use the Whois tool to send a query to the database. The database will fetch the information through ICANN. The Whois database will search the information and send back the data from the records of ICANN to the user. The records have information about the domain name, who is the domain name owner, IP address, address and how long it has been functioning.

How does Whois help secure the Internet?

Every single day, many people fall victim to fraud and ransomware by unknown people. To find these perpetrators from their domain name would be easy with Whois. This Whois database will have every single piece of information which can be helpful to track down who is responsible for any issues that arise. Whois utilizes variety of factors, such as a human and computing analysis of the domain, for any threats. Here is how Whois can help in online security through risk factor analysis and mitigation.

Connecting the dots of a Cyber Attack

Usually when a cyber-attack happens, the investigator will find only one domain that is operating rogue and maliciously. But to find out which domain is connected with it is important to uncover the whole attack. Whois will connect the dots and lead them to each and every domain that is connected with it. They already have the database of information on every domain, so it is easy to see the connections.

Find and Remove

Whois can help identify the person who is responsible for the domain and help remove the content or take down the domain itself. Mostly when people commit harmful acts on the internet, they try to mask their identity. Whois has a history of domains built in their database, and they can find out information about the ownership of a domain which would eventually help unveil the identity or origin of a cyber-attack.

Whois is an extremely important to tool to keep your internet experience safe. By using the Whois database you can identify and solve any threats and issues regarding domain names.

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